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    I realy felt sick of FPS when I watched the press conferences from E3 this week where grown up men demo Fallout 3 and Resistance 2 and pretending to be excited about the different ways you can kill people in their game. Adding comments like "It never gets old", "Very cool!" and "Every kid want one of these under the christmas tree".

    Being able to kill monsters that are bigger than anything seen before and zooming in on various body parts to see people fall apart in slow motion really don't excite me. To me these games looked like every other game out there.

    I am sure these games can still be fun to play but they are still just copies of copies at this point. I wish there could be more focus on other genres and that more companies could try to develope the FPS genre a bit more. WWII, "aliens attack" and "after the apocalypse" senarios really seem so old now.

    Many of these games have really good gameplay though. One thing that would make me interested is if they could combine this gameplay with some interesting licenses. On one hand we have a lot of crap licences with bad gameplay. On the other hand we have games with gameplay but with uninspiring game worlds. I wish we could have a proper Judge Dredd game with mechanics and visuals like those in Gears of war. I love the Judge Dredd world but it has not been getting enough justice (right choice of words there) in video gaming.
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