#11893900, By Futaba Too F*ck*ng Hot!

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    I like summer but 24 Celsius at 11PM is horrible :( Was awake in bed for almost 3 hours last night before finally passing out, definitely not fun.

    My work colleague is going on holiday to Las Vegas next week and it's forecast to be 46 Celsius so I guess it could be worse...

    OnlyJoeKing wrote:
    Randomly bought a fan a couple of weeks ago and my word, where have you been all my life? Ignore the old 'just moves hot air around' line.... it's been an absolute lifesaver.

    Went for a Honeywell Turbofan from Amazon. Was looking at it as a potential desk fan for work but that would have been ridiculous, it's massive, but for home use it's been spot on. Loud af but I'll take that any day when it's like this!
    Are you me? I did exactly the same thing a 3 weeks ago, save for the fan being from Amazon. I wish mine was quieter too, then I could have it on while sleeping but it's too noisy unfortunately.

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