#6798402, By twoism Tron: Legacy

  • twoism 8 Dec 2010 00:34:11 181 posts
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    Saw this tonight. If you were already a fan, you'll be in for a treat. If you weren't, you should definitely watch the original Tron first. Anyway, visuals (except for CG Bridges) were top notch, and Daft Punks soundtrack is one of the best I've heard all year. Yes, it is simplistic in it's narrative, but I have a feeling it was deliberately so, to reel in new audiences as well as satisfy the old. This clearly isn't meant to be a standalone movie, and is probably meant to be the first in a new series on Tron movies. If they can continue and expand the universe and it's characters, then I'll be first in line for the next, definitely.
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