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    Ranger_Ryu wrote:
    .......you got a carrier as well?.......lucky sod!
    I was building up a fair stack of Lobi so thought I'd just make use of the fact that it was a guaranteed 10 Lobi or a possibility of another JHAS so bought a bunch more Fleet DOFF packs to get me to 800 and bought it, ended up getting a couple of purple XII consoles in the packs too.

    Not sure my preferred armaments on it at the moment, beams are ok as its turn rate (even with a 30% bonus RCS fitted) isn't great but the temptation to use Beam Fire At Will just gets me into bother more often than not. May go for some cannons as the 90 degree fire arc should be ok, using dual cannons seems completely impractical on this boat as getting them on target was painful.

    One weird thing happened during a round of Cure, I had Fleet Maneuver Gamma kick in, which shouldn't be possible as I've got the wrong Dominion console, you need the on from a JHEC.
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