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    Darren wrote:
    If that moment in 2007 is connected to the same moment in 1977 might the bomb going off change the future? We saw the flash after Ben killed Jacob? It's a far-fetched theory admittedly but the way Lost is going at the moment I don't think the explanation is going to be straight-forward anyway.
    That's indeed a possibility.

    Perhaps Jacob actually got it his way instead of what we were guided to believe.
    After all, the island has been for the past seasons a place of death, killings, fear, etc. On top of that, Jacob seemed to be in some kind of reclusion in inside that statue. Perhaps he was the one trapped and not the other guy.

    Could it be that the events having unfolded as they have was what Jacob wanted and could that be linked to the lost title on black changing to lost title on white? Ending the period of dark on the island?
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