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    They only way fed will loose if his service and backhand go patchy for long periods of the match Murray defence is way to passive unlike Raffa he turns defence ino offence and fed will make mince meat of him if fed is playing well like he did yesterday infact thats the best ive seen him play for a long time Murray also has a mental peoblem against Fed Novak had the same problem until the Semi of the Us open and Novak faced two match points and he started to believe he could win and went into a zone that made him the No1 in the world

    Fed is one of the most natural gifted players ever but is very stubern and a very bad looser if not one of the worse he hates to compromise his game he used to say drop shots are a joke and never used them untill recently and i hate the way he uses Hawk eye to when he knows a ball is in to stop the oponents flow. Fed always blames himself when he loses he never gives gratis to the other player in the interviews he always talks about his mistakes and how he should have won. When he plays Raffa he never changes his game and raffa has beaten him time and time again 10-18 to Raffa. Fed has imploded in the final of th Us open against Del porto but i cant see him doing it on grass he had his wobble againt matisse I just whish Murray had somthing to worry fed but unless Lendal has managed to put some mental strength i realy fear for Murray

    If fed wins he will be No1 again and beat pistol petes all time record and win wimbeldon 7 times another record Fed would sell his soul to do this apart for gold in the singles of the olypics and maybee the Fed cup but his given up on that

    Fed to win in three sets

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