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    Wolverine was merely ok, and that's pushing it at times.

    One minute the special effects were great then the next you are presented with work experience children having a field day; the mirror scene made me wince in dismay and the occasional out of place reactions to being attacked were fairly poor to say at the least.

    I loved the pre-credit sequence where you see the wars that Wolverine and Sabretooth (sp?) went through together, in fact, I thought Jackman and Schreiber were great in any scene they shared between each other.

    Yeah, it was ok nothing special, which is a shame as it [I]could[/I] have been something rather special in the first place.

    Regarding Deadpool or 'Weapon XI', [SPOILER]he/it was a fairly woeful charater in the film to be honest. If anything, it was all an anti-climax in the end.[/SPOILER]

    [B]5/10[/B] from me.

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