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    HMAN wrote:
    Muay Thai/Boxing/Any art with actual sparring >>>>>>>>>> Karate/TKD/Any of the arts which involve Kata

    True, but TKD and many forms of Karate have are quite spar heavy.


    Also despite me being a firm believer in the awesomness of BJJ all fights start standing, which Dustin Hazelett found out spectacularly. Also in reality, its unlikely a street fight is going to be one on one so if you go to the ground and try and triangle someone your probably gonna get stamped on by of this mates.

    ^ true dat

    But for self defense I'd say Krav or indeed womens self defense classes (be aware of surroundings to avoid being in a bad situation, use noise, car keys, whatever and go for cheap spots like eyes, groin or throat then get away as soon as possible) are probably more practicle than attempting to go toe to toe unless you are very good at your martial art and don't mind the chance of taking a savage beating.

    For actual fighting (including in self defense situations) then most martial arts will give you an edge on being untrained, but it won't be much unless you spar against people actively opposing you who're using differant styles to your own.

    ie a boxer'd be great, but if they've never attempting to box against a non-boxer then they'll be in for a real risk of danger if the other person can grapple.

    Same with a grappler, submission wrestler or BJJ person - if they'd never encountered someone throwing a solid punch, trying to stamp on their head, claw the eyes or tie themselves up by supressing one guy on the ground whilst outnumbered then they'll have to learn real quick or risk a whupping.

    Personally I think a combination of any striking, grappling and joint locking skills will see you in good stead if you've practiced using each against differant active resistance.

    So boxing, kickboxing, full contact karate, TKD, Savate, or Kali combined with Dog Style Kung-Fu, collegiate wrestling, judo or the like, plus hapkido, aikido, BJJ, submission wrestling etc is the best bet.

    Which for self defence purposes means be good at one and proficient in the others and away of fighting one against the other - or just learn Krav, Sambo, LINE (Semper-Fu) which mash them up.

    For MMA fighting it's the same but without emphasis on targetting vulnerable (illegal) points and an additional emphasis on take downs / take down defense and clinch fighting (Muay Thai / dirty boxing).
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