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    well if you've 9 years martial arts experience I'd assume you'd be able to judge pretty well yourself as surely some people around you must've been in a similar situation for you to get an idea from.

    But for what it's worth if it's not too inflamed or painful then you should be good to spar.

    Caveat 1 - being I don't know how hard you spar so perhaps take it easier than normal. It'll probably actually improve your guard and be good practice to be hyper aware of the bruise.

    Caveat 2 - if you've a hot date, job interview or modelling contract in the next few days then take it easy.

    Incidentally I'm in a similar situation as I got dinged at kickboxing by a metal practice knife on my eyebrow on Sunday and although not too bruised did draw blood and bloody hurts as it was on bone. It hurts less now, but has swollen a little, but not discoloured much.

    Anyway - I was kickboxing again the next day and opted out of sparring as I didn't want to risk opening up the cut, but am sparring tonight as a requirement for a grading and I reckon that's enough of a pause as training through bruises is par for the course really.
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