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    From what I've seen of Savate I reckon it's pretty sound. The Fight Quest and Human Weapon episodes on it where very interesting, especially the use for high level police in France.

    I don't think fighters don't rate it, it's more that outside of French speaking countries (and I *think* Australia) it's pretty obscure.

    As a ring sport for MMA, I think it's lacking as the emphasis on kicking in shoes with the feet isn't best suited for the MMA rule-set, but is definately practical for self defense / as a ring sport on its own.

    The low-kicks and stop kicks, especially the street defence branch of Savate look very handy.

    Not that I train in it mind, but I have a keen interest in Baritsu and early 20th century antagonostics defence of which Savate is a big part.
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