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    I've just taken the plunge and decided to train with some regularity in Bartitsu!

    I've been interested in it for a while, both for the anachronistic - chap / dandy moustache twirling, cane wielding, "put up your dukes" fisticuffs and general manly tweedness and also as the elements of old time boxing, juijitsu and stick fighting are a very practical mix (quite similar to Kali / Escrima in fact).

    Having read a fair bit on the history and theory and gone to a one off Bartitsu training day last year I've decided to get stuck in.

    The first session was mainly that perculiar variety or Edwardian juijitsu practicing "How to Put a Troublesome Man Out of the Room", "How to Overthrow an Assailant who Attacks you from Behind, and Pinions your Arms." and the like, followed by some ground fighting techniques and randori.

    And finally some sparring with London Prize Ring style boxing, Savate Defense dans la rue kick-boxing strikes.

    Thoroughly knackered afterwards, but a jolly fine thing to do of a Sunday.

    Hopefully it'll complement my current kick-boxing and not make a meal of things as the gaurds and strikes are quite different.
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