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    @Oh-Bollox easy there. As much as the MMA look ubiquity is as annoying as any fashion / trend (especially those darn TapOut t-shirts) - I reckon teenage boys in the 70's and 80's wanting to Ninjas, Shoalin monks or the Karate Kid ruined martial arts more!

    Most systems for as long as I've known have advertised themselves as the best combat system ever and MMA acting as a proving ground of sorts (stricly within the confines of rule based mano-a-mano fighting as opposed to self defence or the like) has at least shut a lot of stupid claims up.

    As for martial arts that advertise themselves as being about self development, a spititual journey or that tap into japanophile outaku geek sensibilities... well - as far as I can see they still out number testosterone fighter gyms in my neck o' the woods.

    /quickly flattens mohawk, hides Bad-Boy rashguard, dons monacle and challenges the Steel Wolves to London Prize Ring Fisticuffs
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