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  • infoxicated 6 Nov 2012 13:53:25 1,502 posts
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    If only Frontier had shipped something I was interested in since Frontier came out, I might be tempted to let nostalgia get the better of me and throw some money at this.

    But if an established games developer can't find a publisher with the confidence in them to produce a revered franchise such as Elite, then I don't think Frontier are worthy of the cash.

    Maybe if they'd actually completed The Outsider I'd have a little more faith in Frontier, but I just don't think they can execute on this. It takes more than money.

    I think Elite: Dangerous will more likely ape Codemasters' attempt at bringing back Sensible Soccer than it does of delivering a modern take on Elite that actually delivers on the promise.

    I hope to be wrong and very pleasantly surprised by it, but games developers get my money when they produce something worth buying, not before and especially not when they haven't demonstrated that they can actually deliver.
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