#3693291, By FFS Gary McKinnon not being extradited to US

  • FFS 28 Aug 2008 14:10:42 650 posts
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    Having read the above news link, I am devastated for the guy.

    Some dickheads are going to ruin a person's life for what is a petty crime, swinging their 'Patriotic, terrorism-defending' dick around.

    3 months UK jail time would do the trick; or even just probation (first offence, yes?). Justice is about rehabilitation, not retribution. I'm quite sure he's already learned his lesson; even if a security network isn't secure, don't go poking around.

    In the now rather likely even that he does go to jail, I only hope that he gets respect for what he's done from other cons, and that maybe this diagnosis will get him safer diggs as it probably would in the UK.
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