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    LionheartDJH wrote:
    Scarface 10/10

    Seen it lots of times, still one of my favourite movies. Very impressed with the picture and sound quality on the BR, some of the interior sets look amazing (the mansions, Babylon Club etc.) and all the classic lines are crystal clear in addition to the gunshots seemingly being remastered completely. Quite a lot of special features aswell, most taken from the old 2 disc DVD set, but there are a few BR specific ones, including a swear and gunshot counter, which I'm going to have to use the next time I watch it!

    All in all a marked improvement on the DVD and would highly recommend it.
    its no way a 10/10 id say a 6 or 7 at best check out the review on blu ray .com some parts are pants and they took off the best extra which is a 50m making of scarface thats on earlier dvd but agree a slight step up on orig dvd and sound is much better on blu infact the new dvd looks as good as the blu ray

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