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    I managed to finish off Zaeed by having him lead both fireteams but chose Morinth as my Biotic for the swarm-fending bit on the basis I thought she'd survive (she did) and Jack and Miranda (the other uber-biotics) were my go-to team (I was playing a snipe-tastic Infiltrator). I was slightly gutted when Tali got done in after the first bit (tunnels) though.

    so, I lost Tali and Zaeed.

    I had everyone loyal, but had kinda lead Tali on while persuing Miranda, so I figured I was being punished for slaggery, as I'd had a 'thing' with Jack and also forsaken Ashley (who my Shep boned in ME1) for the Aussie harlot.

    Another thing, re the crew: I spent a fair while flying about and exploring in between the collectors' attack on Normandy and actually starting the 'suicide' mission. If I'd jumped straight through, would I have saved more than just the doctor?
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