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    Serai wrote:
    Few questions as i just picked up the 360 version after completing it on pc a day after release: (i want to continue from my previous save) does the game pause when you select biotics or abilities? And are adepts completely useless when playing at the hardest diff? An ye, any problems with the 360 version?

    The game will pause when you bring up the command wheel, so you can take as long as you want to pick a power and a target. You can assign 2 skills to the LB and RB buttons for quick access, along with your class specific ability being mapped to the Y button if you want to fire off a skill without accessing the menu.

    With regards to biotics and the harest difficulty. Most biotic powers are useless until an enemy has no protection, eg their health bar is red. It's not such an issue on the lower difficultys, but on Insanity every enemy has some kind of protection that you'll have to remove before your powers will be of much use. So be prepared to spam warp a lot as it's the one power that will do damage against most things.

    There are a few issues with ME2 in general, not just specific to the Xbox version, but there's nothing that will see you replaying hugh chunks of the game as the checkpoint system is pretty good.
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