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    After you finish the suicide mission, you can do the remaining missions. The galaxy map remains open, it's not like ME1 which had a definitive end.

    4. My Paragon level never seemed to be high enough for a lot of the Paragon options, such as being able to solve the argument between Miranda and Jack, so I ended up having to shag Tali after losing Miranda's loyalty. I talked to my crew whenever possible for extra Paragon, always picked the diplomatic or obvious Paragon conversation options where possible, completed every last mission and side mission. I only did 2 naughty Renegade things the whole game. Are some things only possible on a second play through?!

    Did you import a character from ME1 for you playthrough? If you did (and had a Paragon character), you would have gotten so many Paragon points that you could have done most of the Paragon choices. It's a big bonus. On my 4th playthrough I tried to get the least amount of paragon or renegade choices and it was almost impossible. For instance, I've always had the option to quell the Jack/Miranda and Legion/Tali fights
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