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    Psiloc wrote:
    Was there some legal nonsense which prevented them from using the original Sonic theme for Sonic 3 onwards? Because I haven't heard it in any form since.
    IIRC The first two games had soundtracks composed by someone in a J-Pop band called 'Dreams Come True'* and they became pretty big thereafter. I was always under the impression that the 'legal issue' was simply that the composer didn't feel especially charitable and that SEGA didn't feel like paying. Though I suppose none of this chimes-in with the speculation that the biggest pop-star ever known lent melodies to the first significant title released without the original composer's involvement. Or perhaps, there was some bad blood about that.

    It is a shame, because the Sonic series already has a weak and inconsistent brand identity, which seems an odd statement when you consider how the character defined the early 90s Mascot era. On a related note, why is it that we're going to be playing through levels that may as well be legacy zones, when they aren't explicitly stated to be legacy zones? I think it would have been smarter to have 'revisited' old levels, rather than falling into the trap of endlessly riffing on the same environmental cliches that were undermining the series even before the character army was a problem. You could even put said cliches into old zones to mix them up: Oil-slicked Green Hill Zone? Scrap Brain reclaimed by nature? A Flying Battery zone teetering over a volcano?

    * I'd wager that 'Dreams Come True' is a phrase most people remember from the credit sequence if they ever got that far.

    edit: I'll reserve judgement on the movement until I'm controlling it. I'm unsure whether the engine or the player is in early development.
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