#8271071, By mattigan What's your favourite cheese?

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    Well, this is good timing.

    I paid my chef mate a visit today for my tradisional Christmas cheese 'lucky dip' shipment for IT services rendered (his laptop skills are inversley proportional to his cooking skills).

    Now with most things there's cheese and then there's CHEESE! These were all the CHEESE! quality.

    So for lunch my team had the following on bread and crackers, which are all highly recomended:

    A strong vintage cheddar (went very well with the spiced pear chutney also supplied)

    Blacksticks Blue - Creamy orange, blue cheese

    Brie - A very good brie

    Golden Cross goats cheese - If you can get it, probably the best goats cheese you will ever taste.

    Epoisse - Another runny cheese with a delicate flavour

    Camenbert au Calvados - A camenbert which has been marinaded in calvados then rolled in sweet brioche breadcrumbs while still wet, AMAZING!

    I love a bit of cheese me! :D

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