#3629958, By evaluna Do I have to buy Braid again?

  • evaluna 12 Aug 2008 16:27:26 52 posts
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    I've built up quite a collection of XBLA games, and was quite pleased a few weeks ago when I found out about the DRM license transfer tool, cos it meant my girlfriend could play on her profile again (she hadn't been able to since the box was replaced, and I could only play when online, else everything reverted to trial).
    So, I happily bought Braid the day it came out, and was loving it, till my new Xbox started freezing, and was eventually replaced again yesterday.
    Did the usual recover gamertag and redownloading of games as per MS support, only to find that Braid still thinks its a demo. Tried a couple of times, same thing.
    Called MS support, and after a long to and fro, they told me I would have to wait a year & use the DRM tool again (it can only be used once a year), because I am in South Africa and Live is "unsupported". It didn't seem that unsupported when they allowed me to buy their games, but whatever. My older games still work, though.
    So, do I have to buy the game again, or does anyone have a better idea?
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