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    BabyJesus wrote:
    I suck at the combat challenges. Any tips?

    Slow and steady. Unless you're getting the perfect combo bonus every round it's all about the combo, so don't worry about variety or anything else. If you're sure you're safe, attack. If you see the counter warning when you're attacking and are sure you'll be close enough for it to take, counter. If you're at all unsure, evade, missing a counter will break the combo but an evade won't and will buy you more time to make a decision. Don't use instant finishes on anything other than armed opponents, and only use the down attack if there's zero risk of someone running over and clobbering you out of it. When an enemy goes down for good you'll hear a meaty thwack, so listen for that before trying to down attack, because getting it wrong will break the combo. Near the end, start trying for the downed and instant finishes, with a 20+ multiplier they're worth thousands each. That's worked for me so far and I've got three medals on them all except the last, which I haven't tried yet because I'm running through on normal to get Party Pooper.
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