#3640305, By PodlingJuice Am I grieving?

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    Right, wtf is going on?

    We just had our last counselling session and it went really well. I mean REALLY well. We went to the pub afterwards and had a meal, talked about old times, what we were going to do in the future. Quite flirty. It was nice.

    Up until now I've rarely seen her get upset about our situation. Seems like she's been trying to be strong in her decision and not allow herself to break down. Tonight she was visibly holding back the tears at some points while I was able to talk as though we were just friends with no bother. I think these last few days I've been able to 'flip the switch' in my head so that I don't think of her as wife material so much any more (with some help from you guys :)).

    We agreed that we would be there as support for each other over the next few months until we can both come to terms with our situations. I think she's going to need me more than I need her as she doesn't seem to be in the same place as I am yet. But the thing is I'm actually ok with that, even though it was her decision to break up.

    I really value her as a friend, and if we can get through this, both realising we have very different expectations of each other now, is there any harm in this?

    We both just want to get through this hurting each other as little as possible. If we need other for support I don't think I'll be able to deny her that. I know this is going against a lot of your advice, but it makes me feel good that she still thinks of me as a special person.

    Am I asking for a fall?
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