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    Anyone still use the Guardian app? It's in dire DIRE need of an update. When it actually loads, I don't recall it ever crashing on me, but getting it to load in the first place is an ordeal, 5+ attempts if im feeling patient. Tried reinstalling it, no dice, and a quick perusal of iTunes shows a lot of people having the same problem.

    As it is, until there's a patch/multitasking update it's sitting largely unused, annoying as it's otherwise a great app imo.

    Yep. Guardian site has loads of articles about 'Apple this' and 'Apple that', yet they can't update their own app to os4. I've mentioned this to them in several cif threads. Typical idle lefties: all talk, no action... ;)

    And I'm fed up of loads of unparsed formatting being left in each story.
    I haven't had any problems with the Guardian app on iOS4. I don't like the fact that none of the text is selectable, and none of the links which show up on the website work on the app either, but it's always been that way.
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