#7166670, By evaluna iPhone/iPod Touch App and Game Review Thread

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    OK, this is annoying. Just got a spanking new iPhone, partly because of all the awesome games available that I have been reading about on EG, only to discover that most of that awesomeness is not available in South Africa.

    I managed to create a US account without payment details, which allows me to download free games (paid games require a credit card linked to a US address, so I'm screwed for paid games at the moment).

    So, putting that aside for now, can anyone recommend good free games for download, or a workaround for buying games from outside of the US or UK? The games available from a South African account are enough to induce some serious buyer's remorse while eyeing the Android Store...I have downloaded a bunch of free games already, but the ratio of good to crap is pretty heavily skewed so far.

    If i have stumbled into the wrong thread for this, please feel free to hurl abuse my way. I will try and make a game out of avoiding the abuse, seeing as I have no good iPhone games to play anyway.
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