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    I'll back Emmit on this one, I have a daughter and if some fucker thought it would be "funny" to make her cry, I would make his face look like a Picasso!
    I'm assuming that the people who find it funny don't have kids? If you do, then you're a sick, sick person.
    Finally, some maturity! Thanks! I'm all for scary kids films. But comparing scaring a child through a harmless film to upsetting them by making it look like someone is about to beat the shit out of them is simply immature and extremely naive.

    Just want to say something here...... I'm not a child abuser!

    I didn't find it funny and I don't condone making children cry for entertainment.

    Just saying its not the end of the world, mainly because the kid wont remamber it 20 minutes later. With things like that, it is more likely the reaction of their parents that will leave a lasting impression rather than the event itself.

    Onbiously if they are subjected to that routinely, that is fucked up.

    Fair point. If the parents had made a thing of it, it probably would have seemed worse to the kid.
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