#3648063, By Mashum 360 problem - Help needed!

  • Mashum 17 Aug 2008 00:27:30 154 posts
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    I've had RROD 3 times, I'm currently on my 4th replacement 360. All were free under the extended RROD only warranty. I didn't every see symptoms like you mention though, it just froze. There were always 3 red LEDs showing on the status ring.

    Daft question but can you be certain that the TV end is OK? Do you have anything else that you can plug into the TV's component slot to check it's working?

    MS won't charge for a repair without checking with you first so if it's certainly not the TV you might as well box the 360 up and send it to them. See what happens... tell them you saw three flashing red LEDs on the status ring when if first occurred and leave it at that.

    I can confirm that the normal one year warranty does not get renewed when you get a replacement system - it's from the original purchase date.
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