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    thepaddedcell wrote:
    SlightlyMagic wrote:
    Is the "posh" zombie there for anything other than comic relief and extra souls? I've found him in Anvil's Ford, Choking Grounds, Drowned Pass and outside Twilight Cathedral so far.

    Im wondering the same thing... I found him for the first time last night and wondered what the hell it was all about!

    Same here. Just found this at Gamespot.

    "He appears in multiple places: Twilight Cathedral, Anvil's Ford, Choking Grounds, and a few others. He's like a repeatable mini-boss, worth 2,000 souls. You have a few options for beating him: Chaos Form, Affliction, and Tackle Harpoon between his attacks."

    Explains why he keeps vanishing rather than dying!
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