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  • FlipC 22 Jun 2009 12:33:08 4 posts
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    I had some fun with it over the weekend, the initial load is annoyingly slow; what's it loading? The menu system should be in the original download, it shouldn't take that long to log me into its account and the music feeds have their own loading message.

    Given that annoyance it really ticked me off that I would, on occasion, accidentally click on an advert and watch the screen go black as VidZone closed and opened up the PS Store, sigh and close that and than have to sit through the same loading screen. Look if I've clicked something that will close down the application I'm currently using please ask me first if I'm sure.

    The videos streamed damn quickly for me with only a few hiccups if I tried to use the menu during play. Searching for an artist was quick though annoying to be taken to the top of the list every time you backed out the menu during a general browse. Searching by video or genre on the other hand locked the controls out until it had loaded, which seemed to take an age. Video still played during this time, but obviously unable to pause, skip etc.

    Also annoying that you can't save an entire Now Playing playlist, and that the X 'add to playlist' isn't a toggle but instead just adds it to the Now Playing playlist again. Doubly annoying as removing a video from such involves navigating the sub-menu confirming that you want to delete the video then confirming that the video has been deleted. One of those is unnecessary and the other should be added to the advert clicking.

    Anyway the menu needs some polish, someone needs to sort out the load times, but the underlying streaming mechanism seems sound and well hey it's free so how can I complain?
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