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    Syrette wrote:
    What has surprised me personally about these Olympics is how emotionally invested in 'Team GB' I am.

    Generally I am not at all patriotic, I identify myself as English not British and yet I really don't care about the England national football team (football being by some distance my favourite sport)

    But I'm really rooting for our sportsmen and women during these games. Maybe it's the home games angle, but I think it's more to do with (as did in Beijing, the only other Olympics in my lifetime that I've been an adult during) a lot of the athletes - especially in the minority sports - being so down to earth. Even the very well known guys and girls like Hoy, Wiggins, Ennis and Adlington seem totally normal and far away from being celebrities.
    Know what you mean , I watched the whole of the clay pigeon shooting final today , something Id never dream of watching , suppose thats what the olympics is all about ,
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