#3690865, By FFS Ramadan starting soon around 1st september depending on moon sighting

  • FFS 27 Aug 2008 22:24:46 650 posts
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    NBZ wrote:
    FFS wrote:
    Yes I KNOW but I want you, as a follower of your religion to explain why YOU follow it.

    ...If that's OK. :)

    Because I can.

    (I also made a post explaining the reason for fasting within the first couple of pages.)
    Just looked. So you basically all do it because you can and it's at the dictated time so it all rolls together quite nicely?

    Personally, I'd be more impressed with a long marathon or something as an act of dedication - the health risks and the fact that your body is seriously depleted of glycogen and water would make it difficult to focus on any kind of thoughts - holy or otherwise. Walking 300 miles or something would give you plenty of time to think though. :)
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