#3690329, By FFS Shakespeare explained or simplified?

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    L42yB wrote:
    I do not let my children read books about boys and girls 'in love' with each other. Shakespeare, however, does not fall in this category because the characters are adults and the stories are often unrealistic and very silly. They cause my children to scoff at the nonsense rather than produce an attraction for the opposite sex.[/code]

    Ahahaha! I really don't think much of the person who wrote this. Heaven forbid your children should form an attraction to someone of the opposite sex!

    Sounds like she's going to breed a bunch of social misfits
    2 of her children are 13 & 15 - they really should be learning about it!

    'Holiness' is one of her interests and she teaches Sunday Schools, so that' be wise. Nothing like a bit of religion to have unhealthy sexual attitudes.

    Probably American to boot. EDIT: Texas. Says it all really.
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