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    Okay, so this is my first post ever on EG *gasp* so i decided that i would have a bit of fun. I've really been getting into my Dreamcast after buying it a couple of weeks ago, it really got me thinking.

    Obviously, as we all know, had its support from Sega ended in March 2001. There were many factors contributing to this, one of which was the hype about the amazing photo-realistic graphics and DVD playing abilities of a certain console that dogged the DC's early life.

    When the ps2 came out however, many devs and people were dissapointed by what it could do and that the DC could compete (see superior version of Dead or alive 2 for proof). By that time though, the DC was on the way out, it was too late for the easy (in comparison) to code for machine.

    My question sto you guys is, what do you think would have happened if Sega had the guts to hold out at least one more year, until march 02 before seeing if they had to pull out? Would the comparisons between the two formats mean that the DC would enjoy greater support? would lack of DVD had mattered? would things be any different or would the DC's commercial failure be inevitable and would have happened as it did?

    over to you guys...
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