#3700078, By Transmission89 What if....? Dreamcast possibilities

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    ok, first of all, sorry if this post is under wrong area (i just assumed if its a dreamcast related post it would be under retro (where should it be under btw?)).

    Secondly, i would disagree the controller is ugly and unwieldy, for me, that description would have to be applied to the N64 one (just realised ive painted a target on my chest), for me, the DC controller is brilliant and it is great having a decent Dpad for once (ps ones always hurt my thumb from their odd shape and GC and Wii ones are too small.

    With regards to power against ps2 it really is a case of tit for tat, the ps2 has more RAM, the DC has more VRAM, the PS2 is DVD player the DC can creater richer sounds with its better sound chip. In theory the ps2 can push more polygons but due to inefficiencies with the graphics synthesiser, it would only be a few more million than the DC is capable of. THe overall power gap and look would have been similar to xbox or GC compared to ps2.

    thats my two pence anyway lol
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