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    ecureuil wrote:
    It's not any game, I'm not saying he's been amazing, but he's been about as average as just about everyone else this season. He's been no worse than Tevez, he's been significantly better than Scholes and Nani, and he carried us through the Christmas period with vital goals. I only stick up for him because some of the stuff said about him is over the top and just plain wrong. Yes, he has a lazy style (despite the stats proving that he covers as much ground as any other player on the field), but you can't use that as an excuse for every time we lose a game. There are 10 other players on the field that aren't performing either. He's become a scapegoat when in reality he's been no worse than just about anybody else (Rooney, Ferdinand, Vidic aside).

    Why are you comparing a striker priced at 30M to midfielders? And Tevez the second reject at our club? Who really cares how much ground he covers, he is a striker, and as a striker, he is doing a really really terrible job. He's attitude towards the game and supporting effort if fucking lame, and he has not represented the club and that unbelivable price tag this season. He is not a scapegoat for our loss against Everton, but he has been a significant flaw in our squad. A flaw which has fucked up our game plan on several matchs because of his incompetence. Rooney has shined on more than one occasion, and the reason why no one jumps on him when we lose a match and he fails to score is because he make a hell of alot of effort almost every other game, in positions Sir Alex plays him.

    Berba is the biggest flop this season, in every sense.
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