#3710687, By Bru-Man Steganos AV stopped updating

  • Bru-Man 2 Sep 2008 13:02:15 200 posts
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    I've got Steganos AV installed (basically same as Kaspersky) - anyway, it's licenced up to April next year, but suddenly a few weeks ago it stopped being able to update itself. Either automatically or manually, it attemps to start then comes up with a "Unable to update" message.
    Now I haven't installed anything new that could bother this, and no firewall other than Windows one with Steganos given exception (same as it was when it was working).
    I have vague recollections of hearing something about a Windows update that stopped some software working properly - anyone know?
    Oh I've got XP SP2, with latest updates installed. Avoiding SP3 for now.
    Any help greatly appreciated! :)
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