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    The article is online at http://www.svd.se/kulturnoje/nyheter/artikel_1663827.svd
    I do not have the time right now to do a full translation but basically they are saying:

    - It's a family business based in Malmö, Sweden
    - They plan on releaseing 3 consoles, the first is a handbased console aimed to be released first half 2009
    - They need 13,37 (leet) dollar from investors now so they can release that handheld console
    - They interview a lady at a Swedish bank who laughs when she hears their promise of 1000/10000 times return on investment. She cautions people for investing saying the risk is equally high
    - The president of the consumerorganisation Goodgame (http://www.goodgame.se/) thinks it's a "great idea" and think is is great that they try to do this. She doesn't think they will suceed but "it would be great if they suceeded".
    - The guy from Piicron, Theodore Pramer says they are not afriad of MS and Sony as they go round any patent and have "their own solution" for everything.

    BTW - the guy they are interviewing, Theodore Pramer, can be found at www.hitta.se (insert his name in the first field) and does at least exist. You can get his address and phonenumber there :).

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