#3725186, By Steviebdotnet is there a reason you don't want to not-exist?

  • Steviebdotnet 5 Sep 2008 13:00:13 21 posts
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    dufftownallan wrote:
    pinkds wrote:
    I don't see why people are scared of not existing. You're not going to know anything about it.
    i also dont see why people are so scared of death, i honestly dont get that. i dont want a prolonged painful death but at the end of the day death is something that comes to us all.

    anyone who is scared of dieing has some serious psychological or egotistical problems.

    I'm glad thats the way you feel, cos once we are finished our wee expidition this weekend I'm gonna cut your head off and wear it liek a hat.......
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