#3748920, By Sorbicol Am I the only turn-based game fan?

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    Stickman_Nev wrote:
    Silent Storm - OK will look that one up. I have one called Soldiers At War which is a squad based World War 2 game which was a bit slow, but not bad. And has a level that you can't complete unless you patch it!! Grrrr!

    There is also one well worth looking at if you're a bit of a Warhammer 40k fan - the very good and probably totally overlooked Final Liberation. May be a bit old - so not sure about compatability with Windows XP - but just got my copy back off a mate and might have to get it installed again. :-P

    Silent Storm is indeed excellent, but the follow up, Silent Storm:Sentinels was better. If you do some googling you'll also come across some mod sites which give the games a lot more longevity. If there is one criticism that can be levelled at the games, the random encounters get very repetitive. Bit like Mass Effect then!

    If you like Silent Storm then there is a odd game called Hammer & Sickle that is worth a try. Same engine but it's not very clear what you are supposed to be doing in the game. I enjoyed it but in the end had to download a walkthrough off the internet to find out what I was supposed to be doing.

    If you like Turn based but can't really get in to RTS, try Sins of a Solar Empire. It is a RTS but it's a very stately one and I never felt overwhealmed playing it
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