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    I know that I wont be driving anywhere unless I absolutely have to if the fuel goes up much more. I wonder how that sort of thing affects town centres.

    Depends on public transport link.

    In London it shouldn't effect it too much unless you live in the sticks.

    Except that we've already had a 12% train fare rise...

    Rail companies are bastards, we've had above inflation rises pretty much every year, whilst the service gets worse.

    Problem is, privatisation on the rails was a retarded idea from the start and no one in government wants to admit it. Lots of talk about "choice for consumers" etc... but that's bollocks because only one train company runs trains from my local stations, so what choice do I have really?

    Cameron wants you to start your own train service giving even less choice because you'd have to choose your service to keep it running. In Cameron's head there should be 60mil different train company's all run by each UK citizen.
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