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    Rather enjoyed this. Really tense at times but a few too many cheap scares. Undoubtedly it wasn't up to the quality of the 'original' remake.

    I felt the underlying theme of not knowing who to trust was slightly underplayed. There were too many characters meaning no lack of bodies around to allow for plenty of carnage but too many were just monster fodder. Not enough time to explore the breakdown of sanity and co-operation with even previously major characters being lost with carefree abandon. The lead had a lot to do with this. She seemed more like an empty vessel to suit the films needs than anything else, very little emotion and almost robotic in her calm, methodical approach to the situation.

    Effects were surprisingly well done. The smaller Things were a bit tacky but some of the twisted morphings from human to alien were terrifyingly gruesome. I know it was arguably and open goal but I loved the ties back to Carmack's movie. Yes, they served more than anything else to show how little the 2011 movie has added to the formula but as entertainment and horror it was effective.

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