#3809177, By manuel_garcia Pure vs Motorstorm 2

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    OldRed wrote:
    where is this motorstorm 2 demo?

    I had an email through from Sony a couple of weeks back with a code for the demo, so I think that's where people are getting them from. No idea if I've signed up for something to do with it in the past though, it was just out of the blue.

    To be completely honest, I found the demo to be a huge letdown on pretty much all fronts. Essentially the same game, same handling, minor graphical improvements and set in an incredibly dull environment. Jungle, really? :(

    I'm really not getting the love for the graphics either. It looks nice enough, but hardly earth shattering and certainly nowhere near the step up from the first I was expecting. Pure, on the other hand, is absolutely breathtaking at times.

    Regardless, I'm sure MS2 will be fun, but judging from the demo it looks to be more of an expansion than a sequel. Fingers crossed though.
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