#3778079, By optimusprym8 Game (highstreet shop) in my town are f****** assholes.

  • optimusprym8 19 Sep 2008 15:27:25 9 posts
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    wingzerosys wrote:

    Im sorry but its my thread, im answering other people's posts.

    Stop with the trolling/foreign language.

    Stop with the retarded threads in the first place. No-one forces you to shop in GAME, there's a thing called choice, just shop somewhere else (which is generally the cheaper option anyway). No the shop shouldn't give you the games earlier because Royal Mail decides to actually do what it's paid to do for once and deliver stuff. Royal Mail are so flakey that online places try to send things out with enough time so that it arrives on release day. If it arrives early, then win-win for you. If it arrived late, I guess we can expect more retarded threads.
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