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    sirtacos wrote:
    GuiltySpark wrote:
    I agree with the ghost shit. Lafayette being a medium seems extremely forced. Not everyone has to have some sort of power, you don't want it turning into Heroes, it doesn't really make sense.


    indeed! - he's been one of the best characters and the forshadowing of his Witchness via his crazy mother and Jesus / V hallucinations were handled well, but this season he's become an idiot who can't spot the obvious a mile away and has gained the super useless / forced ability to be easilly possessed by any wondering spirit.

    That said - it at least partly explains the creepy baby (as it now appears to be a medium too so may have channelled either the same random woman or Rene instead of being evil itself.

    And also, there are now a couple of non-evil / trapped witches around who could help counter vampirecidal witches without it being too deus ex machina.
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