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    Wow, people really don't give a shit about this, do they?
    Nope. It's another touch screen phone that supposed to be a contender to the iPhone, wooooooo. Except it's pig ugly and all it does that the iPhone doesn't (that I care about) is copy and paste. Yawn. Doesn't even play music and movies all that well by all accounts, and doesn't have a 3.5" jack for headphones anyway.

    Fail on such a large scale considering the hype.
    Actually it shits all over the iphone in almost every conceivable way, but you wouldn't understand about that.


    Have you used one?

    What an asinine statement. For example - how is a USB port for a headphone better than a standard 3.5" jack?

    \shakes head

    The phone itself is irrelevant, the operating system is the part that does the shitting.

    genuine question: what is so great about the OS compared to the iphone one (imo the iphone OS is the best I tried on a phone, both due to stability, speed and software).
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