#3790783, By Lave Anyone familiar with LaTeX (the coding language...)?

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    bibtex is not that hard acutally! IIRC it just a matter of taking the bibliography parts in your .tex file and putting them in a .bib file with the right format:

    1) create a file called My_Bib.bib, with your sources like so:
    title = {Status of the {CLIC} test facility},
    author = {G. Geschonke},
    institution = {CERN},
    year = {2006},
    type = {CLIC-Note},
    number = {696}

    2) use
    instead of your list of references in your .tex file.

    how to get the right format of [1] I have no idea of, but I hope the page helps you :)
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