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    Triggerhappytel wrote:
    Charroux wrote:
    I've had a K800i for about 18 months - I'm not overly impressed with it.

    Built quality is OK at best

    Conversely, I think the build quality is pretty good. I've dropped it numerous times and it has picked up very few scratches. Also, I threw it onto my sofa the other day, but missed and it hit the top of the radiator (which is behind the sofa). It's got a sizeable dent in the top now, but still works fine and overall seems pretty durable.

    Overall durability is pretty good, but there are little niggles. The joystick often sticks when I use it, for example. Plus the charger connection is very temperamental - I have to have the connector in just *so*, otherwise it doesn't charge. It loses that connection pretty randomly, so I'll have it "charging" for ages only to realise that the thing's just been sat there uselessly for the past 3 hours. :(
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