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    cjb_bjc wrote:
    Im pretty new to this and have everything set up to see exactly how SEO works and functions. I need to change the H1 tags, but didn't think the title tags were that bad. Can you recommend better wording?
    There are two audiences for title tags: Google's algorithms, and Google's visitors (i.e. potential customers).

    Writing good titles is tricky, but here's the basic process:
    - figure out what the most relevant customers are searching for (brainstorming)
    - gettings stats on the most popular search terms for those broader keywords (Google' Keyword Tool)
    - adding a geographic area if the target audience is so restricted
    - writing a title that makes sense, attracts clicks, and doesn't repeat the same word again and again

    In this case, assuming that he's a general carpet fitter (and that the terms "carpet fitting", "carpet laying", and "vinyl flooring" are the main keyphrases you're interested in, the title on the homepage should say something like:
    "Carpet Fitting & Laying, Vinyl Flooring in Reading, Berkshire - Martin King"

    (Note the capitalisation, punctuation, order of words, and overall length.)

    The meta description will probably appear as the text fragment on Google's search result - so you need to make sure it looks good. I'm not going to spend too long writing this, but something like: "Quality, affordable carpet fitting services from Martin King Carpets & Flooring - 30 years experience with Vinyl, Carpets & Wood Floors"

    Crucially, the main keyphrases need to be represented in the main body of text on the page, too.
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