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    I only managed to clock 300 on the phonebill playing Worms online 17 hours a day for weeks. 1000?
    1k per year man! Not per month!
    We know! It's still REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY high!

    Lots of familes I know spend about 100 a month on the phone bill - if you don't have a special "free time" service 1000 or more a year is very normal

    Its not special. You pay a flat fee which covers all landlines and vastly reduces mobiles and international calls. As otto says, he spends most of his time in another country and his phone bill isnt that high.

    Yep I know - but sadly people will still pay high prices for a crap service

    Best info I could find

    630 as a rough average for 2000 on phone bills - add all those sex numbers people call and we easily get to our magic 1000 ;)
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