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    BabyJesus wrote:
    ploder wrote:
    How do you remain positive?
    .......I found the best thing to do was to not let your search for a job consume you.

    Sure take a few hours a day to focus on job searching, but you should spend the rest of the day keeping up with your interests (if not too expensive) keep in contact with friends, watch a dvd, go for a run, stick on a RPG or anything else that keeps you interested for a while. Just generally anything that can keep your mind off things for a while which will in turn keep that fire in your belly to succeed still burning. Still live your life and treat yourself for whatever small successes you have. Whether thats getting to interview stage or just applying for something because you will get a job eventually aslong as you still have fight left. Even when you fail at something in life, you learn something new so it evens it up for you.
    Thanks for the tips. In a way I'm lucky because my interests are things which can be done for next to no money. I've never been a big spender and don't smoke or spend a lot on alcohol. After the first 6 months of being unemployed it was driving me crazy, esp living at home with parents and relatives who were giving unhelpful and sometimes patronizing advice (e.g "I'm sure something will turn up" and "why don't you take any job?" being classics). I had to do something if I was to carry on. I'm lucky to have a big library nearby so I spend some time away from job hunting just reading e.g classics/horror/crime/sci-fi whatever takes my fancy. I also work exercise into that in that it is a 3 mile walk each way (I don't have a licence or a car) I've managed to lose 2 stone in weight so now I am 13.5 stone @ 6ft.

    I found that things like this helped for a while but now I feel in a rut again and hence posting on here. Being unemployed has really shaken my view of the world. I really thought that working hard at school & uni would lead to some kind of a life. Things that never used to bother me now do. I see 1 person per car noisily rat running along clogged roads and I think 'we've really messed up the environment with these cars'. I get particularly hacked off when I see those 'job' ads in the local papers offering training courses for a chance at a job that will most likely never materialize, those commission only jobs and let's not forget those people who are supposed to be glad because some company let them work for nothing. I see people exploiting each other for money and it makes me feel sick.

    @ mowgli I hope you get the job.

    @beastmaster I hope those possibilities materialize for you.

    Take care everyone.
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